Why You Shouldn’t Give Up

Uncovering the myth of “hard work”.

Chris Wojcik
5 min readAug 17, 2023
Photo via Combat Sports Coverage

This year has been extremely challenging.

I started off the year feeling a bit aimless with my life and where I was going. I wrote an article in early January about how I was having “a quarter-life crisis”. Every post I write is honest, and that one was no different.

Since then, for a while at least, life did not “get better”. I was losing matches, my writing business was fading, and I was constantly battling random injuries throughout the spring — knee, hamstring, and back, to name a few.

But lately, although it’s not perfect, things have been looking up (this is the part where you should knock on some wood for me).

I’m competing frequently and fairly well, my writing has been growing and improving, and I’ve been working hard on the side on some new projects. I recently got ranked in the top 15 in the world in my weight class (for the second time, after I dropped from the rankings this spring), and I have plenty more big matches coming up over the next few months.

I’ve been very active in everything I’m doing and I’m doing a lot to reinvent myself.

Here are a few key ideas that I believe have helped me reinvent myself over the last few months:

Volume matters a…