The 5 pillars of success (for me)

A strong house requires a strong foundation.

Chris Wojcik
6 min readAug 4, 2023
Photo via Rodrick Wortham

At 22, I won the purple belt no-gi World Championship in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

This was, at the time, a remarkable, life-changing, and eye-opening achievement for me. It was perhaps the best achievement that I was capable of earning at the time in my life.

But this victory was achieved without a foundation. I was not a complete person back then. I was 22, and not many 22-year-olds are “well-rounded”. I certainly was not.

Nonetheless, for a time, I feared that I’d peaked at 22. I thought I was already at the top of the mountain of my potential for success, happiness, and peace.

The reality was that I was merely just discovering how big the mountain really was.

Over the next 4 years (I turn 26 on Monday), I’ve completely restructured my life. I’ve become more systematic, more professional, happier, and, most importantly of all, more well-rounded.

These are the 5 pillars that keep me functioning at a high level in everything I do.


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