20 Habits That Will Transform Your 20s

As your life evolves, so must you.

Chris Wojcik
6 min readSep 19, 2022


Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

Your 20s are a strange decade.

For the most part, people in their 20s run around like headless chickens trying to prove their worth and impress each other, and no one seems to know or think about why.

Most people spend their 20s on autopilot. They live, but not conscientiously.

These habits will help you change that.

Read a lot.

Most people in their early 20s don’t read. If they do, they do it sparingly, not daily.

Also notice that I didn’t say “only read books”.

There’s a lot of great writing out there in the form of blogs, tweets, and also books.

Naval Ravikant’s Twitter thread on making money, for example, was huge for me. Read everything you like to read until reading is a part of your life.

Writing (you don’t have to publish)

Before I started writing, I was horrendous at communicating.

Writing taught me how to better correlate my thoughts with language, and this made me better at communicating with both myself and other people.

It also gave me a job, new friends, and a place where I could express myself, which leads me to the next point.

Sharing your ideas with people.

You can do this via writing, videos, or any form of content creation.

You can also just talk to people.

The best way to improve your ideas is to put them on trial. If you’re pissing people off or being ignored, think about why.

Learn to have quality ideas through testing them socially.

Talking to people you’re attracted to.

I see a lot of advice online that in your 20s, you should “focus on your career, not dating”.


I spent 3 years depriving myself of social interaction and trying to make myself “a high-value person”, and it made me suicidal and burnt out. I still feel the long-term effects of this period of my life…